Taxi Trucks Cairns

Hire a vehicle and driver from our fleet for as little as one hour to multiple days at a time.

Our fleet comprises one-tonne vans, big-trays, flat-tops, pantechs, tautliner trucks and, for when there’s no forklift access, tailgates that can handle up to 2 tonnes load capacity. This is a great option for when your vehicle is out of action or if things get extra busy.


Quite often there will be a need to deliver heavy pallets, equipment or other freight that would usually require a forklift to locations that do not have forklift access. To help with this a number of our vehicles are equipped with full-size tailgates, ranging from 750kg to 2-tonne load capacity. This will ensure that whatever the delivery, wherever it’s going, we can safely get it off the vehicle and to the customer.


Hourly Hire

Whether you have specific requirements for delivery and waiting time, need to go somewhere outside our delivery locations (or timetable) or require a vehicle dedicated to your job, we can offer all of our vehicles for hourly hire by pre-arrangement. This means you can have complete control over when and how your delivery is performed and can provide a more convenient option where the set timetable doesn’t suit your needs.


Fleet Options

With a range of vehicles from one-tonne vans, to big trays / flat tops, pantechs, tautliners and tailgates. We have the diversity of vehicles to deliver almost anything, don’t risk trusting your freight to someone who may not have the right vehicle for the task, give us a call and make sure that you get your freight delivered on time and intact.


Fleet Replacement

Vehicle breakdowns, maintenance, busy periods and weather can all play their part in keeping your fleet off the road. We can help out when you need additional vehicles to cover your requirements by offering full-day or part-day hire for any of the vehicles in our fleet. Call us to discuss this and make sure we can keep your business running smoothly.

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