Freight Cairns

Freight Cairns

If you’re a major carrier of product or freight in Far-North Queensland we can manage the distribution for you.

When you have a large volume of freight to deliver, using a standard courier service just isn’t economical. We offer bulk parcel distribution, with pickup from your depot or delivery into ours, and delivery anywhere in the region. Our distribution network extends from Tully to Thursday Island and the Western Tablelands, using well-respected contractors as well as our own vehicles.

We work with some of the industry’s biggest national freight distributors, such as AirRoad, Allied Express and Sadleirs, and we can work with your scanners and equipment as required to keep your tracking system up to date.

Our same-day pickup and delivery option can save you space, time and money.


When you have a large volume of freight to deliver, sometimes a standard courier service just isn’t economical enough. We offer bulk parcel distribution (pick-up from your depot or delivery into ours) for ongoing clients with permanent needs that allow us to structure our operations to suit what you need to service your client base. One of our greatest strengths is being able to integrate with your business to provide the outcomes for your clients.

Freight Agent

Working with some of Australia’s oldest and most reputable companies, we have significant experience providing freight distribution for freight brought up from southern regions such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and, Perth. We can work with your scanners and equipment as required to update your tracking system, and as one of the most respected carriers in the Cairns Region will provide the customer service you need.

Same-Day Couriers

We offer freight distribution in a range of varieties, one of the options that can help immensely with your warehousing and storage space is being able to pick-and-deliver freight same-day. This can involve a single or twice a day pick-up and delivery run to serviced areas. By moving the freight out of your depot that day, it saves you valuable floor space (and costs) in holding on to stock when it could be in your customers’ hands.

Competition & Confidentiality

Here at P & M Carriers, we have a strong appreciation of how important your clients are to your business. Because of this, we ensure that your customers are not approached by any of our salespeople. We want to make sure that you retain the business that is yours, and that we will make all endeavours to assist you in doing so. This includes passing our local clients through to your distribution network when they need delivery to areas we do not service.

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