Pickup and Delivery Service Cairns

Made a big purchase? We’ll pick up your new fridge or sofa – or just about anything else – from any major retailer in Cairns and bring it right to your door.

Don’t risk damaging your new purchase (or yourself!). If you need an extra pair of hands or two to move your new stuff inside we’re only too happy to do the heavy lifting.

This service is ideal for heavy or awkward building materials too. If it’s really heavy we’ll deliver in one of our tailgate trucks.


Two Man Deliveries

When you’re dealing with heavy and bulky home deliveries an extra pair of hands with the unload is invaluable; our drivers not only provide you access to bigger vehicles to get your goods home, but we can also send an extra driver to help with the unload. Don’t risk damage to your valuable purchases or risk injury by having no one there to help, give us a call today to arrange delivery.



One of the hardest things to manage with home deliveries can be big and bulky freight, and heavy palletised freight such as pavers, bricks, and bags of concrete. With our tailgate equipped trucks we can mechanically lower up to two tonnes of palletised freight at a time. Saving you back-breaking manual unloads and significant amounts of time. These are also ideal for things such as large barbeques and pizza ovens.


Furniture, Electronics & Whitegoods

Bulky couches, storage units, fridges, washing machines, and ovens can be difficult and time-consuming to transport. Both getting them to fit in your vehicle and being able to secure them properly. Our experienced drivers can make sure that you can get these items home safely and securely, and will assist you to unload them. Don’t risk damaging your new purchases or hurting yourself, rely on our experience to take care of things for you.


Construction Materials

Whether you’re undertaking a large home renovation, building a deck or a whole new house, there has to be a quicker and safer option for getting the materials home than using a trailer or roof racks. With a large range of vehicle sizes, including open flat-tops and enclosed trucks, we have the ability to get your materials delivered to you quickly and safely. Saving you the stress of worrying about transport, and letting you get on with building your dream. Ideal for:

  • Long lengths of Timber and PVC Pipe,
  • Bags of Concrete,
  • Pavers and Bricks, and,
  • Plasterboard.


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