Anything from mail and important documents, delicate items and medical equipment, through to bulky or heavy freight, we can get it there for you fast.

Our drivers and fleet of vehicles of all sizes can securely and quickly convey your valuable cargo anywhere in Cairns and surrounding areas. Whether you need it there urgently, the same day or next day, we have a delivery option to suit you.

If you need a courier service regularly we have special ongoing rates for scheduled services. We already take care of much of Cairns’ mail, bank and library runs for Cairns Regional Council, Blackwoods and QLD Health, and we’d be delighted to add you to our list.

Urgent Couriers
We understand that sometimes just getting the product there isn’t the concern, sometimes it needs to be there urgently. With our fleet covering Cairns and surrounds all day, every day, we offer the fleet size and coverage to ensure that we can attend to your urgent deliveries. These are given the utmost priority within our courier fleet, and can ensure that your vital documents or products get to your clients as soon as possible.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Runs
Whether you have regular on-going delivery requirements or a temporary need for a service while you undertake a project, we offer the option to have a permanent set run structure and rate that allow you to build transport costs in to your business operations.

Some of the permanent runs we have experience with are:

  • Mail Runs,
  • Bank Runs, and,
  • Library Runs.
  • Hourly Hire

Similar to our larger vehicles, our fleet of One Tonne Vans are able to be hired out on an hourly basis when you need a dedicated vehicle to service your delivery requirements. This is ideal for when you need to pick-up and deliver with significant quantities of freight, waiting time, or travelling distance that sits outside our standard delivery locations or days. Contact us to arrange exactly what you need, when you need it.

Same-Day Delivery
In addition to our urgent courier service, we also offers options for same-day turnaround that are more economical but will still give you the peace of mind to know that your delivery is going to be treated with the utmost care and urgency as fits our operational requirements on the day.

  • Anything from Envelopes to Skids and Pallets
  • Door-to-Door Service