Made a big purchase? We’ll pick up your new fridge or sofa – or just about anything else – from any major retailer in Cairns and bring it right to your door.

Don’t risk damaging your new purchase (or yourself!) If you need an extra pair of hands or two to move your new stuff inside we’re only too happy to do the heavy lifting.

This service is ideal for heavy or awkward building materials too. If it’s really heavy we’ll deliver in one of our tailgate trucks.

Two Man Deliveries
When you’re dealing with heavy and bulky home deliveries an extra pair of hands with the unload is invaluable; our drivers not only provide you access to bigger vehicles to get your goods home, but we can also send an extra driver to help with the unload. Don’t risk damage to your valuable purchases or risk injury by having no one there to help, give us a call today to arrange delivery.

One of the hardest things to manage with home deliveries can be big and bulky freight, and heavy palletised freight such a pavers, bricks, and bags of concrete. With our tailgate equipped trucks we can mechanically lower up to two tonnes of palletised freight at a time. Saving you back breaking manual unloads and significant amounts of time. These are also ideal for things such as large barbeques and pizza ovens.

Furniture, Electronics & Whitegoods
Bulky couches, storage units, fridges, washing machines, and ovens can be difficult and time consuming to transport. Both getting them to fit in your vehicle, and being able to secure them properly. Our experienced drivers can make sure that you can get these items home safely and securely, and will assist you to unload them. Don’t risk damaging your new purchases or hurting yourself, rely on our experience to take care of things for you.

Construction Materials
Whether you’re undertaking a large home renovation, building a deck or a whole new house, there has to be a quicker and safer option for getting the materials home than using a trailer or roof racks. With a large range of vehicle sizes, including open flat-tops and enclosed trucks, we have the ability to get your materials delivered to you quickly and safely. Saving you the stress of worrying about transport, and letting you get on with building your dream. Ideal for:

  • Long lengths of Timber and PVC Pipe,
  • Bags of Concrete,
  • Pavers and Bricks, and,
  • Plasterboard.


We offer long- and short-term secure storage at our Portsmith depot for freight of any size – pallets and bulky items right down to the smallest parcel.

Have your palletised freight delivered to us and we’ll deliver it to your client at a time that you nominate. You’ll have complete control over when your freight comes in, and the peace of mind in knowing it’s safely stored with us in the meantime.

For smaller-scale distribution we offer a pick-and-deliver service. This suits smaller businesses delivering within the Cairns area from southern regions, or who just need more storage space.

Self-pickup is an option too. Your carrier can deliver direct to our warehouse and we’ll keep it safe and sound until you’re ready to collect it.

Depot Distribution
For palletised and bulky freight; we offer the ability to deliver in to our warehouse via an interstate carrier, and have us deliver your freight to your client – or yourself – at a time that suits you best. This gives you complete control over when your freight comes in, whilst having peace of mind that it’s safely stored in our pallet racking.

Pick and Deliver
For smaller scale distribution we are able to provide a pick and deliver service where a dedicated 3PL warehouse would be too much for your business, but managing things yourself does not work. Particularly suitable for smaller businesses delivering within the Cairns area from southern regions, or those who need more storage space but can’t afford warehouse or racking of their own.

Self Pick-Up
Also an option for smaller organisations, we can provide some storage space in our racking where you need freight brought up from southern regions and don’t have your own space to store it. This allows interstate carriers to drop the freight directly to our depot while we store it here until you’re ready to come pick it up.


Hire a vehicle and driver from our fleet for as little as one hour to multiple days at a time.

Our fleet comprises one-tonne vans, big-trays, flat-tops, pantechs, taughtliners and, for when there’s no forklift access, tailgates that can handle up to 2 tonnes load capacity.

This is a great option for when your vehicle is out of action or if things get extra busy.

Quite often there will be a need to deliver heavy pallets, equipment or other freight that would usualy require a forklift, to locatons that do not have forklift access. To help with this a number of our vehicles are equipped with full-size tailgates, ranging from 750kg to 2 tonne load capacity. This will ensure that whatever the delivery, wherever it’s going, we can safely get it off the vehicle and to the customer.

Hourly Hire
Whether you have specific requirements for delivery and waiting time, need to go somewhere outside our delivery locations (or timetable) or require a vehicle dedicated to your job, we can offer all of our vehicles for hourly hire by pre-arrangement. This means you can have complete control over when and how your delivery is performed, and can provide a more convenient option where the set timetable doesn’t suit your needs.

Fleet Options
With a range of vehicles from one tonne vans, to big trays / flat tops, pantechs, tautliners and tailgates. We have the diversity of vehicles to deliver almost anything, don’t risk trusting your freight to someone who may not have the right vehicle for the task, give us a call and make sure that you get your freight delivered on time and intact.

Fleet Replacement
Vehicle breakdowns, maintenance, busy periods and weather can all play their part in keeping your fleet off the road. We can help out when you need additional vehicles to cover your requirements by offering full-day or part-day hire for any of the vehicles in our fleet. Call us to discuss this and make sure we can keep your business running smoothly.


If you’re a major carrier of product or freight in far-north Queensland we can manage the distribution for you.

When you have a large volume of freight to deliver, using a standard courier service just isn’t economical. We offer bulk parcel distribution, with pickup from your depot or delivery into ours, and delivery anywhere in the region. Our distribution network extends from Tully to Thursday Island and the Western Tablelands, using well-respected contractors as well as our own vehicles.

We work with some of the industry’s biggest national freight distributors, such as AirRoad, Allied Express and Sadleirs, and we can work with your scanners and equipment as required to keep your tracking system up to date.

Our same-day pickup and delivery option can save you space, time and money.

When you have a large volume of freight to deliver, sometimes a standard courier service just isn’t economical enough. We offer bulk parcel distribution (pick-up from your depot or delivery in to ours) for ongoing clients with permanent needs that allow us to structure our operations to suit what you need to service your client base. One of our greatest strength is being able to integrate with your business to provide the outcomes for your clients.

Freight Agent
Working with some of Australia’s oldest and most reputable companies, we have significant experience providing freight distribution for freight brought up from southern regions such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and, Perth. We can work with your scanners and equipment as required to update your tracking system, and as one of the most respected carriers in the Cairns Region will provide the customer service you need.

We offer freight distribution in a range of varieties, one of the options that can hep immmensely with your warehousing and storage space is being able to pick-and-deliver freight same-day. This can involve a single or twice a day pick-up and delivery run to serviced areas. By moving the freight out of your depot that day, it saves you valuable floor space (and costs) in holding on to stock when it could be in your customers hands.

Competition & Confidentiality
Here at PM Carriers we have a strong appreciation of how important your clients are to your business. Because of this, we ensure that your customers are not approached by any of our salespeople. We want to make sure that you retain the business that is yours, and that we willl make all endeavours to assist you in doing so. This includes passing our local clients through to your distribution network when they need delivery to areas we do not service.


Anything from mail and important documents, delicate items and medical equipment, through to bulky or heavy freight, we can get it there for you fast.

Our drivers and fleet of vehicles of all sizes can securely and quickly convey your valuable cargo anywhere in Cairns and surrounding areas. Whether you need it there urgently, the same day or next day, we have a delivery option to suit you.

If you need a courier service regularly we have special ongoing rates for scheduled services. We already take care of much of Cairns’ mail, bank and library runs for Cairns Regional Council, Blackwoods and QLD Health, and we’d be delighted to add you to our list.

Urgent Couriers
We understand that sometimes just getting the product there isn’t the concern, sometimes it needs to be there urgently. With our fleet covering Cairns and surrounds all day, every day, we offer the fleet size and coverage to ensure that we can attend to your urgent deliveries. These are given the utmost priority within our courier fleet, and can ensure that your vital documents or products get to your clients as soon as possible.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent Runs
Whether you have regular on-going delivery requirements or a temporary need for a service while you undertake a project, we offer the option to have a permanent set run structure and rate that allow you to build transport costs in to your business operations.

Some of the permanent runs we have experience with are:

  • Mail Runs,
  • Bank Runs, and,
  • Library Runs.
  • Hourly Hire

Similar to our larger vehicles, our fleet of One Tonne Vans are able to be hired out on an hourly basis when you need a dedicated vehicle to service your delivery requirements. This is ideal for when you need to pick-up and deliver with significant quantities of freight, waiting time, or travelling distance that sits outside our standard delivery locations or days. Contact us to arrange exactly what you need, when you need it.

Same-Day Delivery
In addition to our urgent courier service, we also offers options for same-day turnaround that are more economical but will still give you the peace of mind to know that your delivery is going to be treated with the utmost care and urgency as fits our operational requirements on the day.

  • Anything from Envelopes to Skids and Pallets
  • Door-to-Door Service